5 Things I want my Teachers to know about me …

This post originates from a very talented educator who actually started me on the road to ‘geekness’. She introduced me the concept of developing a ‘Personal Learning Network’ of global educators to learn from and with to better my practice. Allanah King is based in Nelson and works both as a teacher of Year Four students and advises teachers and schools in practical implementation of IT within classroom and whole school programmes.

This post has featured on a number of other blogs (I’ll post some of the links here so you can have a look if your keen) and has fuelled some pretty powerful and rather cool discussion.

At the end of last year Allanah asked her class what 5 things they wanted their new teacher in Year Five to know about them. And the results were pretty neat. It would be interesting to see what your kids would write at the start of the year about what they want you to know about them.

One of awesome things about this I believe is all of the comments and subsequent discussions by other teachers based around ‘5 things I would want my teachers to know’… I would be very keen to know what you guys think ‘what are the five things that you wish your teachers knew about you’ and what do reakon are things that are important to our kids.

Here’s how I answered the question:

When I was a wee tacker I wish I had had the ability to let my teachers know…

1. If I have that slightly glazed eye look about me, but I’m not dribbling, then I am well aware of what is going on around me – I am just processing the information you have given me and am trying to work out how I can use it.

2. I love the past – civilizations, cultures, people and events that have shaped the world I live in. Supply me with little snippets of information and let me fill in the gaps and maybe even share the stuff I’ve found. Help me become an expert.

3. If I’m chatting to the people around me it might just mean that I’m talking about the same things you are – just in the language or context my friends and I relate to. Or I might just be chatting!

4. I respect you cause you are my teacher – valuing my input, being interested in who I am and where I come from and ‘liking me’ as a learner and a human being will maintain that respect…not…won’t.

5. Show me how important my classmates, me, my learning, your teaching and learning are to you and I will be prepared to follow you where ever you take me.

5 Part 2: Occasionally blow me away with some concept or idea so out there, so beyond my understanding that I want to find the answer or gain the understanding no matter how long it takes.

So this is the link to Allanah’s original post http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2012/01/28/what-i-want-my-teachers-to-know-about-me/


and here’s a couple of links to subsequent posts and discussions…




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